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Hotel Development Partners (“HDP”) is pleased to announce the opening of HDP Investment Fund lll, LLC (Fund III). After the construction and redevelopment of 1,467 hotel rooms in Funds I and II, HDP will begin Fund III with the three-specific ground up construction projects currently under consideration. These projects, discussed below, are in various stages of control and underwriting, creating the opportunity to form HDP’s third fund. Fund III will continue HDP’s focus of creating value through the development and opportunistic acquisition of premium-branded select service hotels. NOI margins between 35% and 45% from proven brands will help provide unique returns on investment. With an investment horizon of between 5-6 years and IRR target above 25%, investors in Fund III can expect a similar return on investment as Funds I and II, once stabilized hotels are sold. As was the case with the first two HDP funds, Fund III units are priced at $500,000.

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