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Based in Atlanta, Hotel Development Partners was formed by two successful hotel management and investment firms, Hotel Equities and IRE Capital, with the goal of acquiring and developing premier-branded, select-service hotels. Our principals are Frederick W. Cerrone, Allen T. O'Brien and Bob McCarthy.
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Our Philosophy

At HDP, we believe that excellence demands a solid foundation of passion, integrity, dependability, and commitment. With this idea in mind, we hope to create value in hospitality through ground-up construction and redevelopment of existing hotels. Whether you’re a current or potential investor, we are committed to providing you with transparency, analytical understanding, and creative, innovative investment solutions. We look forward to working with you on your next hotel development project.

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Our Culture

HDP is a collaboration of expertise focused on creating value for its investors. Each contribution is required to execute a profitable business plan; from the first vision of the potential of a site or existing hotel, to the relationships with municipalities, franchisors, architects, project managers, contractors and hotel management. Each stakeholder must be valued in order to be successful. The most important stakeholders are the investors of each HDP Fund, without whom our projects would not be possible. 

HDP principals are among the investors in each HDP Fund, with meaningful contributions. This serves to align the interest of sponsorship with investors and results in the investor-friendly fund structure. There is no sponsor incentive or promote until investors have received a 10% preferred return and return of principal. This insures that the preservation of capital is the foundation upon which profitability can be built.


Each of HDP Funds are fully audited, with a most desirable qualification letter issued by Windham Brannon, PA.


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